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T. Lobsang Rampa

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa is the spirit of a dead Tibetan lama (monk) who allegedly took over the body of Cyril Hoskin (1910-1981), a British-born son of a plumber who lived in Ireland in the mid-1950s and moved to Canada in the 1960s. He died in Calgary in 1981. Hoskin submitted a manuscript to the publishing firm of Secker & Warburg entitled The Third Eye, allegedly authored by Lama Lobsang Rampa. The publisher sent a copy for review to several people knowledgeable in Buddhism and Tibetan culture, including Agehananda Bharati who has published an account of the ensuing affair:

There is no god in Buddhism, but the "lama" apparently hadn't got that far in his library studies. Bharati found many other problems with the claims made by the alleged Tibetan monk.

Rampa claims he met the Abominable Snowman and came upon a mummy that was himself in an earlier incarnation. He's initiated into esoteric doctrines, including one that explains how our planet collided with another planet, causing the Himalayas to form. Bharati told the publisher that the manuscript was a fraud and the lama a fake. He advised that it not be published. He claims that other Tibetologists concurred and gave the publisher the same advice, including "Hugh Richardson, the last British and the last Indian Government Resident in Lhasa; Marco Pallis, the British scholar-traveler; and Heinrich Harrer of Seven Years in Tibet fame, whom Mr. Richardson had once put under arrest in Lhasa."

The Third Eye - Autobiography of a Tibetan Lama came out in 1956 but, according to Wikipedia, the manuscript had been turned down by several British publishers before being published by Secker and Warburg.

Hoskin was traced and found living in Ireland. He told the press that he'd been knocked out when he had fallen out of a tree in Surrey and when he came to the Tibetan monk took over his body. Incredibly, this story did nothing to diminish the popularity of Rampa, who went on to publish several more books and establish an ashram in Toronto.

Mr. Bharati was disturbed by the fact that many people who knew who Rampa was didn't seem to care that he might be a fake or, even more disturbing, were willing to accept his cockamamie story. He writes that two Canadians called him long distance from Toronto one night and said: "Sir, you are a wicked person. You say Lama Lobsang is an Irish plumber; well he may be in the body of an Irish plumber, but the soul of a Tibetan Lama lives in him." Writes Bharati:

Bharati naively speculates that if only these scholarly works were available in libraries or in inexpensive volumes then the "intellectually inert, but good-willed seekers after the mysterious East" would read them and accept the genuine over the pseudo once they recognized their superior quality. He asks: Who would want Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Transcendental Meditation or Paramahansa Yogananda or Madame Blavatsky or Hare Krishna or Don Juan or Lobsang Rampa if they could have the genuine article? Apparently there are millions of people who prefer the pseudo or fake spirituality. A reviewer of The Third Eye on Amazon.com writes that he doesn't care if the book is a hoax. "It made me a more spiritual person, made me respect the souls of others more, and continues to stay with me many years later." I can only guess at the spiritual depth of such a person, but it probably approximates that of the hopping TMers who believe they are on their way to levitation. The popularity of these faux mysteries from the east is not due to the difficulty in getting access to the scholarly works. It is due to the attractiveness of fantasy and the ease with which fantasy can be understood and appear to be profound. It is due to the desire to be special and to have knowledge of the mysteries of life without having to study or think very hard. It is due to the attractiveness of seemingly sincere, authoritative, and attractive enemies of materialism such as Deepak Chopra who offer fortune cookie wisdom as commonsense spiritual enlightenment.

We should not assume that just because Mr. Hoskin was a fraud that he did not sometimes have good advice. After all, even a broken clock is correct twice a day. Here is "Dr. Rampa" on divorce:

Lobsang Rampa continues to gain followers, thanks to the folks who run the LobsangRampa.net website, which "is dedicated to spreading the knowledge and practice of spiritual values which will help us as individuals and humanity as a whole, to progress - to improve ourselves and our world."

We should not forget that even a madman can give good advice and that even though claiming to channel a spirit author is a cheap trick, it is often effective--Hoskin got 19 books published--and, at times, beneficial. In this case, however, the consequences have been mixed. On the one hand, Hoskin provides succor and solace for some souls seeking enlightenment, souls ignorant of Tibetan Buddhism and dissatisfied with Western religions. On the other hand, he heaped more lies and half-truths on the pile of false history and romantic nonsense about the spiritual superiority and grandeur of Tibet, adding to the mythology about that country that continues to flourish in the West and shows little sign of diminishing.

See also "Carlos" hoax, channeling, Edgar Cayce, Bridey Murphy, Patience Worth, Rama, Ramtha and the Steve Terbot hoax.

Bharati, Agehananda. "Fictitious Tibet: The Origin and Persistence of Rampaism." Tibet Society Bulletin, Vol. 7, 1974.

Lopez Jr, Donald S. 1999. Prisoners of Shangri-La: Tibetan Buddhism and the West,  University of Chicago Press. (Chapter three gives a thorough account of Mr. Hoskin in the context of Western fascination with and romanticization of Tibet and all things Tibeten, true and false.)

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Historien om eremitten - kontakt til utenomjordiske for 100�r siden

'eremitten' i pdf m.bilder

kort utg. av innholdet  i EREMITTEN

"ditt evige selv"  |her nedlastbar i word|  |her i zip |

DEL1 av boken den gamles visdom DEL 2 av samme  bok

om hvordan RAMPA "kom" hit til vesten (om prisippet "WALK-IN")

om krystallenes kraft og bruk av krystallkuler til kosmisk klarsyn og visjoner - beskrevet bl.a. av Lobsang Rampa

AURAEN  VISER SYKDOMMER - om det menneskelige energifelt - AURAEN -  beskrevet bl.a. av Lobsang Rampa 

 ASTRALREISER -  beskrevet bl.a. av Lobsang Rampa

mer om  ASTRALREISER -  beskrevet  av Lobsang Rampa

teknikken bak astralreiser

JORDENS HISTORIE - nedtegnelser i huler i Tibet -  beskrevet bl.a. av Lobsang Rampa



Gamle mysterier i Tibets h�yfjell

"beyond the tenth"

cave of the ancients

the thirteenth candle





mer fra tibet her

ENGLISH / SCANDINAVIAN language        link til innholdet i de forskjellige b�ker p� nordisk spr�k

Denne serverbase har samlet utdrag fra den omfattende livsvisdom fra den innvidde tibetaner LOBSANG RAMPA--som forfattet et stort antall b�ker om kosmiske eller esoteriske temaer. Disse b�ker kom ut p� mange forskjellige spr�k over hele verden - og i utallige opplag - i perioden fra ca. 1956 til ca. 1975. Endel av disse ble ogs� oversatt til "skandinaviske spr�k" - norsk, dansk og svensk. Stoffet fra disse er samlet her  �verst -- mens de engelske bokutdrag ligger under denne skandinaviske avdeling. Temaene i hans b�ker--som den �ndelig beleste vil gjenkjenne som sannhet--slik han selv hevder--g�r p� alt fra "ut-av-kroppen-opplevelser" til kontakt til kosmiske sivilisasjoner. se ellers under:

Rampa forteller i flere av b�kene om kontakter til utenomjordiske sivilisasjoner - der de tilsynelatende i lang tid har hatt baser  i fjerne omr�der i Tibets h�yfjell. Bildet her under illustrerer dette.

for mer Rampa-visdom - scroll ned p� den engelsk-spr�klige delen under.

min ide om hans bes�k INNVIELSESGROTTEN - i de normalt utilgjenglige kammere dypt under POTALA i Tibet. (From the initiationchambers - deep under Potala)

Bildet over av Rampa i senere �r - og bildet av den tibetanske gutten symboliserer hans barndom/ungdom i en annen kropp - som den "virkelige" Lobsang Rampa i Tibet. Rampa var den f�rste som beskrev fenomenet walk in - alts� at en h�yere utviklet bevissthet etter avtale overtar en annens fysiske kropp. Dette 30-40�r f�r begrepet igjen ble beskrevet i kanaliserte b�ker .Bildet over viser Rampa i de senere �r av sitt liv i vesten - mens bildet t.v. er av personen som han overtok kroppen i fra - etter at denne personen i lang tid hadde �nsket � ta sitt liv. Mer om dette i flere av hans b�ker. 

bildet under: Rampa kom som ung munk til hulen hos en gammel blind eremitt som grunnet sin ekstremt utviklede hukommelse var blitt utvalgt av en gruppe "utenomjordiske overv�kere" til � viderebringe spesielle kosmiske informasjoner. Dette skjedde for ca. 100�r siden. Denne eremitt levde p� det som handels- karavanene gav ham i bytte mot hans velsignelser. Disse "kosmiske gartnere" som de kalte seg - fortalte ham at han langt senere (ca.1910?) ville bli opps�kt av en ung munk, som skulle bringe denne spesielle informasjonen ut til verden - og det var Lobsang Rampa.

bilder fra "gamledager" i LHASA OG TIBET F�R DU OPP VED � TRYKKE HER - DISSE FRA CA.1947

kosmiske grunnprinsipper i bildeform

Fra boken EN YOGIS SELVBIOGRAFI Av Paramahansa Yogananda - fra 1946

lyd/mp3:Om "Sri Yoktasvar's rematerialisering etter "d�den" der han forteller om  sitt nye virke p� "andre siden" til sin disippel Yogananda.

.mp3 - sterk n�r-d�den-opplevelse opplest fra Mellen-Thomas-  Benedict's opplevelse fra 1982.

talk-interview show of Dolores Cannon on this theme on colonisation from space in mp3-downloadable

Peter Richelieu; A Souls Journey - on Afterlife and astral-trips at night we do not remember

Source: http://lobsang-rampa.net/



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