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soft play equipment

Soft play equipment

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Give toddlers a safe place to play indoors with soft play equipment. Shop for colorful and fun soft play activity sets, ball pits and blocks, plus soft play chairs, sofas and pillows. Hayneedle carries the top brands of kids play equipment so you can create an indoor play area that’s both fun and safe for kids. Choose from Foamnasium, Childrens Factory, ECR4KIDS, Edushape, Wesco, and more.

Outfit a play room with the best indoor play equipment. Made with easy-clean vinyl exteriors and durable polyurethane foam interiors, soft play equipment is ideal for your home, a daycare, or a play area at a doctor’s office, church, or other business. Kids will love having soft tunnels, blocks, a slide, and mats on which to climb and explore. Parents will love giving their kids a safe space with soft furniture free of hazardous corners and hard materials.

Soft play equipment for kids is designed in bright primary colors to be visually stimulating. Kids will enjoy using their imaginations and soft building blocks to construct a play fort and having their friends over to play with their own soft play activity set. While hands-on toys promote creativity and engineering skills, they also encourage collaborative play and build social skills. Kids will have fun while learning and building friendships on their own indoor playground.

Ball pits are another fun choice and are very popular with toddlers. A soft ball pit is perfect for a preschool playroom. Soft walls and brightly colored balls make these indoor play areas a fun rainy day play idea or great everyday fun option. Furnish your play area with soft chairs and tables, add a soft play tunnel, and you’ll have an irresistible play area kids will love. Enjoy all the indoor playground equipment from Hayneedle as you create your own soft play area for your kids.


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soft play equipment


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